CalCom Hardening Solution (CHS)  is a server hardening automation solution designed to reduce operational costs and increase the server’s security and compliance posture. CHS eliminates outages and reduces hardening costs by indicating  the impact of a security hardening change on the production services. It ensures a resilient, constantly hardened and monitored server environment.

  • Reduce hardening costs - CHS eliminates the cost of creating lab environments for simulating the impact of security policies on servers. With CHS, the impact is analyzed directly on the production environments.

  • Avoid downtime and outages - CHS predicts the impact of a policy on production servers. By visualizing the impact, CHS’s smart risk management determines the values that will/will not result in server outage when hardened.

  • Ensure cyber resilience - CHS enforces server security policies in real time, thus, ensuring that the servers are proactively protected.

  • Enable Ops. teams enforce extensive security policies - The CHS “policy checker” gives confidence to the IT teams to enforce extensive security policies that eliminate more vulnerabilities and reduce exposures to attacks.

The baseline deployment challenge

Server hardening is a fundamental step in an enterprise’s security assessment, but deploying the same can prove to be costly, repetitive, and complicated to manage – mainly for two reasons:

Downtime and Testing Requirements

While using manual hardening methods or familiar hardening tools, the hardening process may affect the OS or an application’s functionality and cause server downtime. In order to prevent downtime, IT teams spend long hours testing policies in lab environments before deploying them on servers in production environments.

Configuration Drift – The authorization of multiple privileged users in an enterprise environment makes it difficult to ensure that servers remain hardened, thus, requiring IT teams to repeat the hardening process on a regular basis.

How it works

CHS implements a three-step workflow for managing and enforcing security policies. The real-time, continuous process ensures that both the operating system and the application layers are properly hardened.


Reduce operational costs and increase your security baseline compliance.

Download the datasheet to learn more about the CHS for SCOM capabilities