Security Baseline Hardening Made Simple

Harden your production servers 3X faster

Server configuration hardening is critical for achieving a cyber resilient and compliant infrastructure. Deployment of a broad server hardening baseline requires combined efforts from both IT operations team and the security team. CHS for Microsoft OMS is the sole solution that addresses the needs of both the teams. Achieve server hardening and compliance goals without causing any damage to the production services and reduce administrative costs significantly.

How it Works


SImulates the policy impact on production



Custom server hardening mode



Real time access control protection



Another reason to disable SMBv1- EternalRocks

A new worm named EternalRocks is in the news this week . EternalRocks leverages some of the same vulnerabilities and exploit tools as WannaCry but is potentially more dangerous because it exploits seven

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Mitigate Petya through SMBv1 disabling and hardening

On June 27th a Ransomware campaign named Petya (the current version named Petwrap) has been promoted around the world, successfully attacking organizations such as governments, banks, airports and manufacturers. As stated by

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Meet CalCom at the “GS Days” conference in Paris

The French information security community is gearing up for the upcoming “GS Days – Francophone Security Days” conference on March 28, 2017 in Paris. The conference will focus on current threats,

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