Security Baseline Hardening Made Simple

Harden your production servers 3X faster

Server configuration hardening is critical for achieving a cyber resilient and compliant infrastructure. Deployment of a broad server hardening baseline requires combined efforts from both IT operations team and the security team. CHS for Microsoft OMS is the sole solution that addresses the needs of both the teams. Achieve server hardening and compliance goals without causing any damage to the production services and reduce administrative costs significantly.

How it Works


SImulates the policy impact on production



Custom server hardening mode



Real time access control protection



Leaving TLS 1.2 and moving to TLS 1.3

New version of TLS was launched in 2018 – the TLS 1.3 protocol. TLS 1.3 aims to solve all of the problems facing its older version – TLS 1.2. What is

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Cybersecurity in 2019, what should we expect?

  2018 led us to conclude that corporate security has to pace up, as cyber attacks around the world are becoming bolder and more sophisticated. While attacks on critical infrastructures security

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Meet CalCom at MSFT Ignite 2018 Orlando

Meet CalCom software at MSFT Ignite in Orlando! Ignite is Microsoft’s  premier technology conference for IT Professionals and executives, providing the technical education, product evaluation, and community resources to plan, architect, deploy,

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