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The Policy Expert: Configuring Maximum Security Log Size

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Maximum log size should be set to any kind of event logs, as part of your security policy. This configuration’s value is highly important for detecting attacks and investigating their source.

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How to best spend your cybersecurity budget- research based model

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This research aims to show a possible model for a decision making approach for cybersecurity investment in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The scope of cyberattacks on organizations is endless, but

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Docker host REST API vulnerability

docker host rest api

Docker containers are becoming more and more popular in organizations IT environments because they allow virtualization at the operating system level. Currently, the most common OS for Docker hosting is Linux

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RunC vulnerability from a host’s hardening point of view

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In February 2019, a vulnerability was found in runC container runtime. CVE-2019-5736 affects Docker’s containers that run on default settings, and can lead the attacker to gain root level access on

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Leaving TLS 1.2 and moving to TLS 1.3

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New version of TLS was launched in 2018 – the TLS 1.3 protocol. TLS 1.3 aims to solve all of the problems facing its older version – TLS 1.2. What is

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8 Hardening Actions That Will Break Your IIS Server

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Security versus functionality is always the concern when approaching server hardening. Hardening your IIS server is one of the most crucial missions when trying to achieve a secured infrastructure. There are

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Hardening TLS/SSL protocols- What Might Break

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  Is your organization still using old SSL/TLS protocols? June 2018 was the deadline for hardening SSL/TLS protocols and implementing a more secure encryption protocol. The PCI Security Standards Council requires

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Hardening Configurations using CIS Benchmarks

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The center for internet security (CIS) instructs to perform 20 different actions in order to achieve a cyber-attack resilient IT infrastructure. Among those 20 Controls, the first five found to be

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Why the hell WannaCry is still here?!

Wanna Cry ransom-ware caught by tweezers

  According to December 2018 Top 10 Malware report, WannaCry malware holds the dubious lead of malware breakdowns with 28%. WannaCry total damage is estimated by 4 billion $ But as WannaCry might

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CIS controls and how to approach them

CIS controls

CIS (Center of Internet Security) controls and how to approach them A study of the previous of the CIS Controls found that 85% of cyber incidents could be prevented by implementing

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