By Team, on April 5th, 2016

Sneak Preview – CalCom CHS version 5.0


CalCom’s team have been working hard on the new release of CHS for SCOM- V5.0 which will be officially available from next week. The upcoming release will feature improved functionalities across all CHS components. Leveraging your system center environment to automate server hardening and compliance will be easier and efficient with the new version.

We wanted to give you an overview to some of the features that will be available in CHS starting from next week with emphasis on the CHS policy center.


What’s new in the CHS policy center?

The CHS policy center is the main console for managing server hardening baselines across distributed servers’ infrastructures. Importing policies from leading benchmarks or creating customized organizational policies, the Policy center provides an accurate indication of the impact the new policy settings will have on production servers. By that, CHS eliminates the need to test the policy before enforcing it. The CHS policy center makes hardening tasks cost effective and enables policy granularity to harden specific server rolls or groups of identical servers.


Some of the features included in the new policy center:


Provides the Ability to view the conflict between the desired policy and production, displaying which objects will be affected from the policy change.

In the comparison report, objects marked in red in the Match column indicate activity using the specified value. A red indication combined with a “false” expression shows us which object will cause a crash when hardened.  To investigate further before hardening, right-click on the value in the Match column, and select View Activity. View activity will show exactly the application/resource making use of this object.